About Jumpadevice

Sure, no problem. That would be someone’s response these days when you talk about connectivity and the Internet. Wanna switch on your houselights remotely? Simple. Cast music to your speakers? Done. Get your fridge door to mirror your tv? Absolutely unecessary, but why not?
The Internet of Things is no longer a buzzword but a vehichle that will change the way we do things. From Chromecast to Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue to Samsung Smart Things, the IOT has given us an option to simplify our lives and even automate it. And while gaining traction in the US, the scene in Malaysia is still at its infancy.
Jumpadevice aims to bring you the latest developments in connected devices and services, smart homes and the technology behind it. It is our hope that jumpadevice increases awareness locally to get you talking and excited.