Meet the FÖRNUFTIG – Ikea’s air purifier

Clean air – Ikea style.

An air purifier that looks good and promises to do the job. 


FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier

Consumers now have another choice when it comes to air purifiers. Ikea has come up with an air purifier that has all the makings of an Ikea product – design and usability. But what are the filters like? Let’s take a quick look.

Easy to shift the air purifier with the strap.

The FÖRNUFTIG comes default with a particle filter. This filter is graded as HEPA 12 (even higher than Xiaomi’s green filter) and targets PM2.5 particles. Another filter is the gas filter. This filter targets formaldehyde which can be found in cleaning and household products and is useful in eliminating odours.

Combine both filters in the FÖRNUFTIG.

You can purchase both these filters separately when needed. It is also worth noting that both filters can be combined and used simultaneously in the FÖRNUFTIG.

Left: Particle filter. Right: Gas filter.

Many may be wondering whether the FÖRNUFTIG is a smart air purifier (connected to WiFi) – and the answer is No. It is manually controlled via three speed settings.

Manual controls with three fan speeds.


Looks promising, needs to be tested

The FÖRNUFTIG looks great and is sure to fit in with the furniture in your home. But how effective is it? How does it compare with other air purifiers like the ones from Xiaomi? We hope to answer that in the future if/when we get our hands on one.



The FÖRNUFTIG comes in black and white and is available in selected markets (UK, China). In the UK it is priced at £50 (USD$68). Do check your country’s Ikea website for availability.