How to link LIFX to Apple HomeKit

Here are the steps to add your LIFX lighting to Apple HomeKit. By the end of this guide, you will be able to control your lights via Apple HomeKit.


1.Official steps are available here.
2.HomeKit support is not available for the following LIFX models:  LIFX Original, LIFX, 650 Color, Color 1000, White 800, LIFX Z generation one



Step 1
i. Launch HomeKit and tap on the ‘+’ on the top right.
ii. Tap on ‘Add Accessory’.

Tap on ‘+’ and ‘Add Accessory’.

Step 2
i. The next step requires an 8-digit code for linking the LIFX bulb to HomeKit.
ii. This code should be printed in a booklet that’s included in the packaging.

The booklet with the 8-digit code printed at the back.
If you have the booklet, Follow step 2A. 
If you lost your booklet, follow step 2B.

Step 2A
i. The booklet, should have an image  of the HomeKit logo with a code.
ii. Scan the logo together with the code.
iii. The LIFX bulb will immediately be displayed.
iv. Tap on it to link.

Step 2B
i.  Tap on ‘I don’t have a code or cannot scan’.
ii. Tap on ‘Enter Code’
iii. Take your bulb/lightstrip and look for the printed letters ‘HK’.
iv. There should be an 8-digit code next to it.

Look for the letter ‘HK’. The code is printed next to it.


Step 3
i. Wait for the linking to complete.
ii. Once linking is complete, you can rename the bulb if you want to.

HomeKit connecting to LIFX


Step 4
i. You can now control your LIFX lighting from HomeKit.

Start using HomeKit to control the lights.

Setup Successful

Congratulations, you have now successfully linked the LIFX lighting to Apple HomeKit. Try turning on/off the lights via HomeKit.