Buy this pajama suit for your Zoom meetings

Look good all day.

One jacket for work and play. 


Washable Stretch Knit Cardigan Jacket

Working from home presents a challenge; How do I look on camera? Is what I’m wearing too casual? Online Japanese clothing shop Aoki has a Pajama suit that can solve that problem.

Look good on and off camera.

This jacket looks comfortable to be worn anytime of the day and presentable enough for your zoom meetings. According to the promo material, ‘It is made of “cardboard knit” material, which can cover up your body without showing your silhouette.’ In terms of material, it consists of 81% Polyester, 15% Rayon and 4%​ Polyurethane.​


There are pockets on both sides and the jacket comes in Navy and Gray. Ultimately, Aoki promises that ‘This is the ultimate piece of clothing that combines the relaxation of pajamas with the neatness of a suit.’



The Pajama suit is priced at 4990 Yen (USD$47.49) and can be purchased here.