LIFX rebrands Mini range to standard bulbs

LIFX’s standard bulbs get a new name

No more Mini. Just ‘White’,’White to Warm’ and ‘Color’.


LIFX White, White to Warm and Color

LIFX has done a minor re-branding of their Mini bulbs and gone is the word ‘mini’. So instead of LIFX Mini White, it is just LIFX White. The same goes for White to Warm and the Color bulbs.

Left: New branding and packaging. Right: Old branding and packaging.

Originally the ‘Mini’ range was introduced to differentiate itself from the larger A19 range. For example, back then, both the Mini White and LIFX White 800 had the same brightness of 800 lumens. Which meant the Mini range was marketed as a bulb with a smaller footprint.

The original LIFX White 800. (Review)

Now with the updated line up, the larger A19 model (Color only) has a brightness of 1100 while the standard bulbs (former Mini) has a brightness of 800 lumens. This reshuffling makes sense for consumers who might not need the brightest bulb but just want a basic smart bulb.

From left: White, White to Warm and Color.


The bulbs are available for pre-order on LIFX. The White is USD$9.99, White to Warm $29.99 and Color USD$44.99.



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