Control your AC with the Ambi Climate Mini

Honey I shrunk the Ambi Climate.

The Ambi Labs releases new smaller model of the Ambi Climate 2.


Ambi Climate Mini

The Ambi Climate Mini is the latest model from Ambi Labs and is aimed at saving you more space. The Ambi Climate Mini (as with the Ambi Climate 2) is a smart infra-red blaster that is able to control your AC.

Control your AC.

When paired with Google Home or Alexa, you are able to give voice commands like to turn on/off your AC.  Pretty neat. The only main noticeable difference between the Mini and the Ambi Climate 2 is that the latter cannot be wall mounted.

Wall mount the Ambi Climate Mini.

The Ambi Climate has many smart functions but one that stands out is the ability to  automatically adjust the AC according to your preferences. This means not having to always reach the remote control whenever it feels too hot or cold.

Stay comfortable with optimum temperature.



The Ambi Climate Mini is priced at USD$109 and can be purchased here.


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Source Image: Ambi Climate