The new Echo Dot is not a crystal ball – but close.

Drastic change for the Echo Dot (4th Gen).

The new Echo Dot looks like an orb. Still can’t tell your future.


Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Amazon just announced their new products for 2020 and amongst them is the new Echo Dot (4th gen).

The first thing that is striking is the design – no longer flat, but an orb. The ‘Alexa notification light’ has moved to the base to accommodate the spherical shape.

Comes in Charcoal, Glacier White, and Twilight Blue.

The Echo Dot (4th gen) still retains the same number of buttons, but now looks to be touch-sensitive instead of physical buttons.

“Alexa, announce ‘Dinner is ready’. “

According the to specs, it has a 1.6″ speaker. This is the same as used in the Echo Dot (3rd gen). It also weighs a little heavier at 12 oz (341.3 g) compared to 10.6 oz. (300 grams) on the Echo Dot (3rd gen).

Left: Echo Dot (4th gen) Right: Echo Dot (3rd gen)



You can pre-order the The Echo Dot (4th gen) on Amazon.  It is priced at USD$49.99 and will be available on 22 October 2020.