Yeelight Infrared Motion Sensor Night Light (YLYD01YL) Review

Just what your bathroom needs.

Don’t get blinded by your bathroom lights in the middle of the night.  Instead, use the  Yeelight Infrared Motion Sensor.


What is it. 

The Yeelight Infrared Motion Sensor is a motion detector night light that turns on whenever it detects any movement.



Off, Motion-sensing and On button.
USB charging port.
Back view: Hang it or ‘stick’ it via the magnetic back.
Front view.
The lights turned on.


The Yeelight night light has three basic functions; Turn Off, Turn On and Motion sensing. It runs on rechargeable batteries and does not need to be plugged in to a power socket to work.


Usage and Performance

The yeelight night light is versatile when deciding where to place it. I like that you can hang it or ‘stick’ it (via the magnetic back).

Magnetic back.
‘Stuck’ to the wall.

One thing to know is the motion-sensing mode only works in a dim or completely dark environment. How dim or dark you may ask? Think of inside your wardrobe when it’s closed or your bathroom with no lights.

For myself I figured the bathroom would be the most suitable place to use the night light. I found it really useful (especially in the middle of the night) as it was just enough to light the area. The colour temperature of the night light is a warm white (incandescent) so it was not straining on the eyes. In motion-sensing mode, the night can stay lit for 20 – 30 seconds before you have to make some movement (i.e. wave hand) to keep it lighted.


Where to Buy


Buy from Lazada here.


Yeelight YLYD01YL LED Infrared Body Motion Sensor Night Light


Final Thoughts

I am a fan of the yeelight night light. It is well built and does what it is supposed to do without any fuss. It is versatile because you can place it however you like. If you are looking for a basic night light with motion-sensing capabilities, I would recommend the Yeelight Infrared Motion Sensor Night Light.