Ikea Series S: Ikea’s answer to Xbox

Well not really.

But they both do look similar, don’t they? 


Xbox Series S

Microsoft just announced the Xbox Series S which is going for USD$299. Think of it as an Xbox Series X but running on 1440p instead of 4K resolution.

Source Image: Microsoft

Along with the announcement came the images of the console itself. And first impressions are, “It looks like a speaker?”. And we can’t help but to compare it to Ikea’s ENEBY bluetooth portable speaker which kinda has the same design.

Left: Ikea portable speaker. Right: Xbox Series S

All Microsoft needs to do is punch a hole in the Series S to make it portable. The Series S will launch early November 2020 so keep your eyes peeled.


Ikea ENEBY Portable Bluetooth Speaker

However, if you want to get your hands on the speaker, have a check in your country’s Ikea. In Malaysia it is listed for MYR89.

ENEBY Portable bluetooth speaker has a cork included