Xiaomi A1 Air Purifier also acts as a heater.

Buy an air purifier – get a heater.

Can Xiaomi’s wall mounted air purifier keep you warm in the winter?


Xiaomi A1 Air Purifier

Xiaomi has handful of air purifier models (2, 2s, 3, Pro, etc). Amongst them is the A1 which is unique because it is wall mounted and has a heating element.

The filter that comes with the unit is a HEPA H13 grade filter which targets PM 2.5 particles and also formaldehyde. This is a pleasant surprise because the HEPA H13 grade filter is considered one of the highest grade filters.

Xiaomi A1 Air Purifier.

One of the unique features of the A1 is that it has a heating element (auxiliary) built in. Which means you can use it like a heater (kinda). Pretty cool. However, having said that, we must say we’re not sure the extent of the A1 replacing your standalone heater.

Heating element of the A1 Air purifier.

The A1 measures 69 x 31 x 18 cm,  weighs around 8kg and has a screen to show the purifier’s status and air quality.

See the air quality on the display.


Where to buy

The A1 Air Purifier can be purchased from Ali Express here.