Philips Hue’s latest model increases brightness by 2x

800 lumens? Please. How about 1600 lumens.

Philips has just announced a new Hue White model which lights up to 1600 lumens. That’s twice what regular smart bulbs like LIFX, TP-Link and Yeelight can offer.


Philips Hue White 1600 lumens

This Hue White is a dimmable only bulb and has a temperature of 2700K. At 2700K the information on the Philips website mentions it as ‘soft white’. A bit strange considering 2700K is closer to ‘warm white’, something like the colour of a sunset.

Great when you need bright lighting.

Either ways, the bulb is Philips brightest bulb and is meant for productivity; whether in the kitchen, garage or home office. As with all Hue bulbs, the latest Hue White 1600 lumens can be added easily to the Hue Bridge. It also can be controlled with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Philips Hue White 1600 lumens



The Philips Hue website (US) has the bulb with a status of ‘Coming Soon’.  And no price has been listed yet. Stay tuned to Jumpadevice for the latest updates!