Find your lost items with Baseus bluetooth trackers

Baseus – known for their mobile phone accessories also has bluetooth trackers. Today we find out their quick specs and how they look like. Let’s go!


Baseus Bluetooth Tracker

T1 Card Type and T2 Rope Type

The Baseus bluetooth trackers come in two models; T1 Card Type and T2 Rope Type. Essentially the T1 Card Type is a shaped like a card and is meant to fit in tight spaces, like in your wallet.

T1 Card Type.

The T2 Rope Type on the other hand is shaped like your regular bluetooth tracker and meant to be clipped to your keys or bags.

T2 Rope Type.

Both models have a range of 90 feet outdoors and 30 feet indoors. In terms of battery, the T1 has a non-replaceable batter that can last 365 days while the T2 has a replaceable battery that lasts for 180 days. Locating the bluetooth trackers is done via the Baseus Smart app (iOS and Android).

Left:T1  Right:T2



To purchase both the T1 and T2 models go here.