Creative Outlier Air Review: Solid build, All-rounder audio

Today we have the review of the Creative Outlier Air earbuds. How good are they and what do they offer? By the end of this review you will know whether the Creative Outlier Air is for you.

[Disclosure: We reached out to Creative and they were kind enough to send us an Outlier Air unit. This is not a paid review. All views expressed in this review are solely of the writer. We would like to thank Creative for sending us this unit. ]


What is it. What does it do.

The Outlier Air are a pair of bluetooth earbuds from the company Creative (famous for their soundcards).


Unboxing and looks

The Outlier Air looks like any other earbuds.

Left and right earbuds.

A physical button for controls; located on both earbuds.

A physical button for controls.

The bottom part of the earbud.

The bottom part of the earbud.

Here is how it looks next to the Redmi Air Dots.

Next to the Redmi Air Dots.



Head here for the setup.

Creative Outlier Air Setup – How to pair



Features – No Frills

The features of Outlier Air is basic and comes with no frills – just pair and start using. The controls are all on one physical button. Single press for play/pause, double press to next/previous track etc.

There is no companion app  to use with the Outlier Air. This is means you do not get Creative’s sound enhancement tech called ‘Super X-Fi’. This is only available on the Outlier Air Gold.

Features – APTX  and Bluetooth 5.0

The Outlier Air supports Qualcomm’s APTX compression for better audio and connects via bluetooth 5.0.  Other features include the having water resistant rating of IPX5. Also supported are smart assistants – Siri and Google Assistant.


Usage and Performance

Usage and Performance – Sound

The Outlier Air sounds good; nothing more, nothing less.  It was consistent in providing  a satisfactory listening experience.  Everything I threw at it, the Outlier Air took it and sort of just said “I got this”.

The sound profile is leaning towards the neutral-warm side. Bass felt firm and substantial while vocals were not too sharp, which I liked.  It doesn’t have noise cancelling, but play any music or video loud enough and you’d think think that it does  have noise canceling.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test the earbuds using APTX as it wasn’t supported on my mobile device (Mi 5S Plus).

Usage and Performance – Connection

Now and again, I did find some stuttering after an hour of usage.  This is even when it was just next to the streaming device (mobile, laptop, etc).  I wasn’t sure why this was the case but turning off/on bluetooth helped to restore the connection. As for the range, I managed to get a commendable 24 feet.

Usage and Performance – Build, Design and Fit

Fit-wise, it was secure in the ears. Although, it wasn’t as comfortable as I would have liked it to be. Although I will preface by saying that everyone’s ear is different and it may fit yours better.

Fit in the ears.

Reaching for the controls are also little cumbersome.  Pressing with just your index/thumb requires a little force which shifts the earbuds out of place. Instead, I had to tilt the earbud out, secure it, then only press with your thumb.

Reaching for the controls could be better.

Build-wise, it was solid. The case is made out of (what feels like) metal, and the earbuds themselves feel durable. I had dropped the earbuds a few times and there wasn’t any problem using it after.

Charging case.


Usage and Performance – Battery and charging

At full charge, I managed to get around 9 hours+ which was around the advertised duration of 10 hours. Not too bad. The thing I really like is the charging case. This is because whenever you place them back into the case, the case automatically charges it.

Outlier Air in the charging case.

The charging case has indicators to show the battery level which I found really helpful. Red means ‘its time to recharge’ and blue means ‘charged’.  The case will also tell you which earbud is inserted. If both are inserted, both ‘L’ and ‘R’ will be it lit up.

Charging indicators on the side.


Common Questions

Common Questions – How to pair the Outlier Air to your device? 

Pairing is done via bluetooth.
See the steps here.

Common Questions – Does the Outlier Air support Qualcomm APTX ?

Yes, it supports APTX.

Common Questions – How do you charge the Outlier Air?

Place them in the charging case and connect the charging case via a usb cable to a charger.


Where to Buy


To buy click here


To buy click here


Final Thoughts

One word to sum up the Outlier Air is ‘All-rounder’. It produces a constant satisfactory listening experience whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music. I also like that the build material (including the charging case) feels premium and sturdy.

The only complain is the stuttering. Although it doesn’t occur all the time (3 out of 10 times),  it was annoying enough for me to store away the earbuds and continue with whatever I was doing. I found the stuttering strange knowing that the bluetooth range wasn’t the issue (earbuds were just next to the device  – laptop, mobile phone, etc).

After taking everything into account, is the Outlier Air an option worth considering? If you prefer a brighter sound profile, then you may want to look elsewhere. But if you prefer a neutral sound profile and can get past the occasional stuttering, then yes,  the Outlier Air is worth checking out. Overall, the Outlier Air is reliable and ever-ready to cover your daily activities.