Mi Air Filter: Green or Purple

You are thinking between the green and purple filter and want to decide which is best for you. Today we list the differences. By the end of this guide, you will know which to buy.


Green Filter or Purple Filter

Green Filter Purple Filter
Model  M6R-FLP (New)
– Built-in carbon filter
M1R-FLP (Old)
– Removable carbon filter
HEPA Grade HEPA H11 No
What does it target Formaldehyde, Benzene,TVOC Mycete, Bacteria, Mites
found in
Renovation works,
Household trash
Number of layers Layer 1: Primary filter
Layer 2: HEPA filter
Layer 3: Activated carbon filter
Layer 1: Primary filter
Layer 2: Antibacterial layer
Layer 3: High efficiency filter material
Layer 4: Activated carbon filter
Filters PM2.5 particles Yes Yes


Choose Green Filter

If you want the best grade filter, then the green filter is your choice. This is because the green filter has a HEPA grading which is the best in filter quality.

In addition, if you live in new-construction homes, or those with new manufactured wood products (i.e. flooring and furniture), you are likely at risk to be exposed to higher levels of Formaldehyde [1]. Choose the green filter if you are in that environment.

Supported air purifier models: 2,2C,2H,2S,Pro,3,3H


Choose Purple Filter

If you want a filter that targets bacteria and mites, then the purple filter is your choice.

Mites are related to ticks and resemble insects, but they lack wings and eyes. Their bites can cause skin irritation, and may hurt and itch. Most bites clear up on their own and medical attention isn’t usually needed [2]. Choose the purple filter if you have a concern in this area.

Supported air purifier models: 2,2C,2H,2S,Pro,3,3H


No losers

There are no losers if you decide either the green or purple filter.  This is because having an air purifier is already a good investment in providing cleaner air.  If you have the budget, why not get both!


Where to buy

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Buy green filter here.
Buy purple filter here.


Buy green filter here.
Buy purple filter here.


More Resource

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Source: HowStuffWorks, healthline