Creative Outlier Air Setup – How to pair

By the end of this guide, you will be able to pair and use your Creative Outlier Air earbuds.
Let’s go.


Steps – How to pair

Step 1
i.  Take out both earbuds from the casing.
ii. Take any earbud  and  press and hold the button for 5 seconds.
iii. It will start flashing in red and blue.

Step 2
i. In your phone’s settings, turn on the Bluetooth.
ii. You will see ‘Outlier Air’ in the list of devices.
iii. Select ‘Outlier Air’ and tap on ‘Pair’.

‘Outlier Air’ is discovered
Tap on ‘Pair’.















Step 3
i.  There will be a prompt to pair the other earbud.
ii. Tap on ‘Pair’.

Pair the other earbud.
Both earbuds are ready to use.














Step 4
iii. Congratulations! Both earbuds are now paired.


Setup Successful

Congratulations! Setup is now complete. Try playing some music on your phone (i.e. Youtube, Spotify).