Building the GameShell – Day 03

We continue building the Gameshell with Day 03!
It’s a slightly tricky one today, but don’t panic! We’ll go through this together.
If you missed the second part, go here.


Day 03

Today we connect the cables: Screen Line , Keypad Line, Power Line and Audio Line.


Day 03 – Screen Line

1. The easiest way to attach the Mainboard to the screen is to first open the mainboard’s casing.

First open the mainboard’s casing

2. Attach the screen line [C1].

Attach the screen line

3. Put the main board back into the casing.

Put the main board back into the casing


Day 03 – Keypad Line

1.Attach the keypad line [C3] to the keypad and the mainboard.

Attach the keypad line to the keypad and the mainboard
Keypad line attached.


Day 03 – Power Line and Audio Line

1. Next we connect:

i. The power line  [C2] to the battery and mainboard.
ii. The audio line [C4] to the speaker and mainboard.

Connect the power line and audio line.
Cabling completed.


Day 03 – Insert into base

1.Insert everything into the base (S2).

Top view
Power line and audio line view.
Screen line and keypad line view
Speaker view


Day 03 – Completed

Here is all the cabling completed for today.

Completed for day 03

Today was slightly tricky, but we made it through. Stay tuned for the next part where we inch towards the finishing line!