Mi 10 – This is what you do with 123° of panoramic view in one camera

What does 123° of panoramic view mean for you? Today we take a very quick look at the Mi 10’s camera and video capabilities.

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Mi 10 – Four Cameras

The newly launched Mi 10 comes with four cameras which allow you to take pictures in nearly all conditions. Below is one at the Twelve Apostles in Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

123° of panoramic view. Source: Xiaomi

Want to blur your background in portrait mode? Of course.

Blur your background in portrait mode. Source: Xiaomi


Mi 10 – Movie Frame

Maybe you want to change the colour of the background?  With Movie Frame you’ll have ‘8 built-in classic movie filters, real-time background blurring, and color focus filters’.

Before. Source: Xiaomi
After. Source: Xiaomi


Mi 10 – Slo Mo

Now you can marvel at nature or just how silly your face moves.

Bring out the creator in you. Source: Xiaomi


Mi 10 – 8K Video Recording

4K seems so old now that you have 8K recording. ‘With the powerful Pro mode and stereo sound, you are only a few taps away from creating professional videos’.

Shoot in 8K. Source: Xiaomi

Here’s a feel of the quality (shot on Mi 10 Pro).


Where to buy


Buy from GearBest here.

Enter promo code at checkout: GBMI10SALE


Buy from GearBest here.

Enter promo code at checkout: GBMI10SALE


Source Image & Feature Image: Xiaomi