Building the GameShell – Day 02

We continue building the Gameshell with Day 02!
It’s going to be an easy one today, so let’s not waste time!
If you missed the first part, go here.


Day 02

Today we build the Keypad (III) , Battery (IV) and Speaker (V).


Day 02 – Keypad

1.We start with the piece [M3].

Front view
Back view

2. Place [M3] on (A2).

[M3] on (A2)

3. Place keypad [KP] on [M3].

Keypad [KP] on [M3]

4. Place D-pad and A,B,X,Y buttons on the keypad [KP].

D-pad and A,B,X,Y buttons


Day 02 – Battery

1.We start with piece [M4].

[M4] piece

2. This is the battery.



3.  Place the battery on [M4] and in the casing.

Battery on [M4] in the casing
Day 02 – Speaker

1.We start with the speaker board [M5].

Speaker board [M5]
2. Take out the speakers.


3. Place speakers on (B5).

Speakers on (B5)

4. Speaker part completed.

Speaker part completed


Day 02 – Completed

Here are the completed keypad , battery and speaker.

Top: Keypad Bottom: Battery

Today was pretty much straightforward. Stay tuned for the final leg as we connect the wires in the next session!