Logitech Wireless POWERED STAND

Logitech has a new wireless charging stand that has faster charging compared to normal wireless charging stands . What’s it all about? Let’s take a quick look.


Logitech Wireless POWERED STAND

The Logitech POWERED STAND is a fast charging wireless stand. It charges at 10 watts  which is double the regular wireless charging of 5 watts of regular charging. This means with the POWERED STAND, you get 15% charged in 30 minutes compared to 7.5% in 30 minutes.

Faster charging while you enjoy your tea.

It supports the Qi standard so all mobile devices that is Qi enabled (including AirPods), can charge on the POWERED STAND. For the detailed list (if you own mobile devices from Samsung, Apple, Google and LG) head here.

Comes in Graphite or White.

Other than the fast charging capability, the POWERED STAND functions like any other wireless chargers do. The only plus point here is the Logitech brand; so you can be assured of a quality built product.

Left: Charging indicator light .Right: Keep your case on.



Pre-order the POWERED STAND  here.

It is priced at $59.99 and will be available in Graphite or White. Shipping is on May 2020 but only to United States. Readers outside the U.S, do check your local retailer for availability.