How to open a Spotify playlist link on the Spotify App (desktop)

Today we show you how to load a spotify playlist link into the Spotify app (desktop). All it takes is three simple steps.



Someone shares a Spotify playlist link with you – and you don’t know how to play it on the Spotify App (desktop). See the steps below.



Step 1
i. Launch Spotify on your desktop.

Launch Spotify on your desktop

Step 2
i. Copy the playlist link.
ii. Example:

Step 3
i. Paste it in the search bar.
ii. Press Enter to search.

Paste link in the search bar. Press Enter to search.

Step 4
i. It will load the playlist.
ii. Start playing!



And there you have it. Stay with jumpadevice for more tips and resources.


Icon image credit:  Nikita Golubev from