Building the GameShell – Day 01

By the end of this series, we will either have a working GameShell or a total disaster. Let’s hope it’s a working GameShell. Starting from today, you will get to see the journey of the GameShell assembly from start to finish.

[Disclosure: We would like to thank Clockwork for sending us a unit of a GameShell. ]



We will be using a spruce cutter and a blade. Spruce cutters can be purchased at your local hardware shop or any toy modeling shop. A blade will do the job but it won’t be the best. So do get a cutter if you can.

A spruce cutter and a blade


Day 01

Today we build the Screen (I) and Mainboard (II).

Screen (I) and Mainboard (II)
Day 01 – Screen

1. Cutting the pieces.

2. At instruction ‘C1’, don’t be afraid of flattening the cable.

Don’t be afraid of flattening the cable
This is how it will look like

3. There is a green tab that holds the protective layer for the display. Remove it by peeling it off. Although it isn’t mentioned in the instructions, it seemed logical to do it.

Peel off the protective layer

3. Next we put on the display casing.

Display casing
Front view
Side view
Back view


Day 01 –  Mainboard

1. This is the mainboard.

This is the mainboard

2. Attach the mainboard casing.

Mainboard casing
Mainboard casing

3.  Also included is a Micro SD card.

Included Micro SD card

4. Insert the card into the Micro SD slot.

Micro SD card in the slot


Day 01 – Completed

Here are the completed display and mainboard. Overall, today was pretty straightforward, save for some minor guessing!

Top: Display Bottom: Mainboard

Ready for the next step?

Building the GameShell – Day 02