ENEBY 20 custom speaker stand

Today we will look at a custom speaker stand for the ENEBY 20 speaker. You get to see what problem it solves and how it compares with the Ikea default speaker stand.


Why use speaker stands?

The purpose a speaker stands is to elevate the height of the speaker (most applicable to bookshelf speakers) to your ear level. This is in order for the sound to be optimally projected at you.



Problem – Living room layout

I have in the living room a TV console table and a couch. On the TV console table is the ENEBY 20 speaker. When I sit on the couch, the speaker’s height is in such a way that the sound is projected at my torso.

Problem – In search for an elegant solution

What I want is for the speaker’s height to be raised so that it can be as close to my ear level as possible. At the same time, I also want it to look elegant – something that would blend into the surrounding furniture.



Below were some of the possible candidates during my research for the speaker stands.

Solution – Possible candidates

i. I considered getting speaker spikes but the height raised would be too low.

ii. Consumer speaker stands is what you have probably seen in showrooms or in people’s homes. Unfortunately none fit the size of the ENEBY 20. And it would have been too bulky anyways.

iii. Another option was these stands from isoacoustics, it was slightly pricey and didn’t really fit the living room decor.


Solution – Winning custom solution

After searching high and low, I decided that only a custom solution would solve this problem.
That solution is a block of wood which addressed the area of height and looks. I searched and messaged woodwork shops around me asking whether they could put together a block of wood. And I managed to narrow it down to one. I just gave the dimensions, received a quotation and gave the go-ahead to proceed.

Here are the details of my order:

  • 1 block of wood
  • Measurements: 6″(W) x 9″(D) x 6″ (H)
  • Wood Type : Rubberwood
  • Finish : Varnished and rounded edges


Solution – Looks

Here is what it looks like with the default Ikea speaker stand and the custom stand.

Solution – Looks – Default speaker stand
With the default Ikea speaker stand
Solution – Looks – Custom speaker stand
Looking good
Looking nice
Side view
How it could look like in your living room


Yay or Nay ?

So what do you think of this speaker stand? Does it look weird? Do you think it’s nice? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section!