Ikea ENEBY 20 & 30 – How to improve the sound quality

You feel you can do something to improve the sound quality of your ENEBY speaker. But you aren’t sure what to do. Today we share two quick steps to get the most out of your ENEBY speaker. It’s fast and easy so stick around.

Note: The steps below can be applied not only to ENEBY 20/30 speakers but bookshelf speakers in general. For the purposes of this guide, we will be using the ENEBY 20 as a reference.



To get the most out of your speakers, it needs to be isolated.

Isolation – Away from the wall

Do not place your speakers near the wall. Doing so will cause unnecessary sound reflections. Instead, bring it to the front as far as possible – giving it space to ‘breathe’.

Too near the wall.
Bring it out further.
Isolation – Away from the ground

Having speakers flat on the ground will cause the bass to vibrate the surface. We don’t want that. What we want is to de-couple the speaker from its surface for a ‘cleaner’ bass. In this case, the ENEBY 20 does have a layer of padding at the bottom but it’s too thin. So to de-couple we can use skid protectors. Skid protectors are what you put underneath your furniture to prevent scratches. This can be bought at any hardware store.

The speaker is too near the surface. We need to elevate it a little.
Get some skid protectors.
Place it on each corner.
Speakers are elevated.
How it looks from far.


Test the sound

Now play some music and you are probably going to notice some improvements!


Custom Speaker Stand

Next, how about we explore an alternative to the default Ikea speaker stand!

ENEBY 20 custom speaker stand