Ikea ENEBY 20 and 30 Review

Today we have the review of Ikea’s newest bluetooth speakers; the ENEBY 20 and ENEBY 30. By the end of this review you will find out what’s the difference between the two whether it is worth buying.

[Disclosure: We reached out to Ikea and Archetype and they were kind enough to loan us the ENEBY 20 and 30 unit. This is not a paid review. All views expressed in this review are solely of the writer. We would like to thank Ikea and Archetype for loaning us this unit. ]


What is it. What does it do.

The Ikea ENEBY 20 and 30 are Ikea’s first ever bluetooth speakers.



Here are the quick specs:

Model Name ENEBY 20 ENEBY30
Audio In 3.5mm jack
Woofer 1 x 3.2″ 2 x 4″
Soft dome tweeter 1 x 1″
Dimensions (mm) 199x199x80 (without handle) 299x299x106
Weight 1.5kg (without battery) 3.8kg
Bluetooth Version V 4.2


Unboxing and looks

Unboxing and looks – ENEBY 20

The ENEBY 20 comes with a handle (for portability), power cord and an instruction manual.

Speaker, handle (for portability), power cord and an instruction manual
Next to an Echo Dot


Unboxing and looks – ENEBY30

The ENEBY 30 comes with a  power cord and an instruction manual.

Speaker, power cord and an instruction manual
Next to an Echo Dot



For the Ikea ENEBY 20 setup go here.
For the Ikea ENEBY 30 setup go here.



Features – listen to music

The Ikea ENEBY 20 and 30 are very basic when it comes to features. The only button is the volume knob which has a few functions; bass, treble and volume adjustment.  In terms of connectivity, you have two options; bluetooth and a 3.5mm aux input for direct connections (i.e  mobile devices,  Echo, etc). That’s about it.

Connect your Echo


Usage and Performance

Usage and Performance – Sound – ENEBY 20

The ENEBY 20 performed way better than expected. I was prepared for generic sound quality but instead I was greeted with a speaker that was worth more than its salt.

ORAS by SARO is an upbeat tune that’s characterised by highs and lows throughout. The ENEBY20 tried its best to handle the song and it passed. I would say that for the highs , it could be just a little crisper. The bass was the winner here – you could really ‘feel’ it.

Next was ‘Lianne La Havas – Say a Little Prayer’. The song was dominated by mids and lows and the ENEBY 20 handled it with grace. Lianne La Havas’ voice did feel slightly muffled but other than that it was good.

Usage and Performance – Sound – ENEBY 20 – Overall

Overall the sound quality is commendable. The first thing that will strike you is how it manages to fill the room with ease – granted the volume be turned up just a bit past the midway point.

ENEBY 20 without the cover


Usage and Performance – Sound – ENEBY 30

Being the larger sibling of the ENEBY 20, you would expect the ENEBY 30 to perform better – and it does. The main difference here is that the sound is less constrained.

The first thing you’ll notice with SARO – ORAS is the bass – it is smoother. This is likely due to the two woofers available on the ENEBY 30. Next, the overall ‘sound field’ (unsure of correct term) is wider; you kind of feel that you’re listening in stereo.

Again with ‘Lianne La Havas – Say a Little Prayer’, it sounded less constrained. Here, Lianne La Havas’ vocals had more reverb and provided a closer representation of what a live concert would feel like compared to the ENEBY 20.

Usage and Performance – Sound – ENEBY 30 – Overall

Overall sound quality is an upgrade. The audio is less constrained and with an additional woofer you get a smother bass.

ENEBY 30 without the cover


Usage and Performance – Portability

The ENEBY 20 is small and light enough to be carried around. Included in the box is a detachable handle – useful if you plan to take it out-and-about. Because the handle doesn’t swivel, you have to decide whether to leave the handle on, or take it off. The handle felt sturdy when screwed in and i don’t foresee any problems carrying it around.

The ENEBY 30 is meant to be a stationery speaker. Hence there is no handle included in the box nor can it operate on batteries. Nevertheless, lugging it shouldn’t be a problem.

ENEBY 20 with the attached handle
Usage and Performance – Speaker Stand

Sold separately is the speaker stand which works with both the ENEBY 20 and 30. The purpose of the speaker stand is to raise the height of the speakers to be at ear level. This is in order for the sound to be optimally projected at you.

With the ENEBY 20, the stand was a little flimsy – you could sway it left and right with much ease. For me personally, I didn’t really fancy how it looked with the stand, so I left it bare-bones. With the ENEBY 30, it was much sturdier, most likely due to the extra weight.

ENEBY 20 with the stand (sold separately)
ENEBY 30 with the stand (sold separately)
Usage and Performance – Battery

You have the option to purchase a battery which works with the ENEBY 20. The battery has a capacity of 2600mAh and is advertised to last for 8 – 10 hours. I didn’t manage to test fully (drain battery to zero), so just take the battery duration with a pinch of salt.

Battery (sold separately) for the ENEBY 20
Usage & Performance – Wall bracket

Also available for purchase is a wall bracket which works with both the ENEBY 20 and 30. This wall bracket will enable you to hang the speakers on your wall; useful if you have
space constraints or just for aesthetic reasons. In my case, I didn’t test the wall bracket as I did not want to drill any holes in the wall.

Sold separately: speaker stand, wall bracket and the battery


Common Questions

Common Questions – How to pair the ENEBY speakers to your mobile device? 

Pairing is done via bluetooth.
For ENEBY 20 see the steps here.
For ENEBY 30 see the steps here.

Common Questions – How to reset the ENEBY 20/30 speaker ?

To reset speaker settings and forget all connected devices,
press and hold the knob for 10 seconds.

Common Questions – Can I adjust the bass and treble of the ENEBY 20/30 ?

Yes. To adjust the bass level, hold and press for three seconds.  To adjust the treble, press it again. And to save the settings, press it one more time.

Common Questions – How do I charge the ENEBY 20’s battery?

Place the battery in the ENEBY 20 and use the included USB cable.

Common Questions – Can the ENEBY 20/30 fit inside a KALLAX?

Yes. The ENEBY 20 can fit inside a KALLAX. The ENEBY 30 can fit inside a KALLAX.


Where to Buy

The ENEBY 20 and 30 can be purchased at IKEA. Do check your country’s IKEA website for availability.  For Malaysia, it’s already available.


Final Thoughts

The ENEBY 20 and ENEBY 30 really impressed me.  I wasn’t expecting much from these speakers but boy do they pack a punch. The ENEBY 20 can easily fill a living room with no problem at all. While the ENEBY 30 takes it up a notch with a stronger projection and a smoother bass.

The only thing to realise is that it is as basic-a-bluetooth-speaker as you can get. No fancy functions like voice assistants, creating your own sound profile or even pairing with the same speaker (ala Sonos). Instead, what you get is just a bluetooth speaker – that’s it.

How do I feel about this? Considering that this is Ikea’s first attempt at a bluetooth speaker, and attributing the ENEBY speakers to Ikea’s ethos, I feel that it’s perfectly ok. If you can look past the no-frills affair,  then what you’re buying into is the ‘harmony’ of the Ikea ecosystem (if you have other Ikea furniture).

The ENEBY 20 is a recommended option if you are searching for a bluetooth speaker on a budget,. If you are willing to spend abit more, the ENEBY 30 is also a good choice if you want a larger presence.


Improve Sound Quality

Now here’s how to improve  the sound quality of the Eneby speakers!

Ikea ENEBY 20 & 30 – How to improve the sound quality