IKEA ENEBY 20 Setup – How to pair

By the end of this guide, you will be able to use your ENEBY 20 and start streaming music via bluetooth. Let’s go.

Note: For the official steps, feel free to download the official IKEA manual here.



Step 1
i.  Plug the ENEBY 20 to a power point.
ii. To pair with the ENEBY 20, first press the volume knob of the ENEBY 20 – It should start blinking.

Press the volume knob.


Step 2
i. In your phone’s settings, turn on the bluetooth.
ii. You should see ‘ENEBY 20’ in the list of devices.
iii. Select ‘ENEBY 20’.

Select ENEBY 20.
ENEBY 20 is connected.
















Step 3
i.  Congratulations your ENEBY 20 is now paired!


Setup Successful

Congratulations, your setup is now complete! Try playing some music on your phone (i.e. Youtube, Spotify) and you should hear it on the ENEBY 20.