Kasa Filament Smart Bulb – Industrial and smart.

“Smart bulbs look boring to me. Why can’t they look cool.” TP-Link knows your pain points and has come up with two bulbs to meet your demands. We take a quick look below at TP-Link’s new bulbs and what they offer.


Kasa Filament Smart Bulb (KL50 and KL60)

The Kasa Filament bulbs are the latest from TP-Link and is sure to delight those who crave that industrial look while wishing for smart features. The bulbs – KL50 and KL60 are modeled after traditional incandescent bulbs in which the filament is bare to see.

On the left: KL50. On the right: KL60.

The KL50 emits ‘Soft White’ and is aimed at spaces or activities that require some decent amount of light such as your work-space or living room. The KL60 is ‘Warm Amber’ is geared towards spaces or activities that are more relaxed: ‘restaurants, cafes and wherever a warm, romantic ambiance is desirable’.

KL50 – perfect for your work space.

Both models are only dimmable which means you can only adjust the brightness level. In terms or smart assistants, it supports Google Assistant and Alexa.

Works with Google Assistant and Alexa.



Currently the TP-Link Malaysia website has a status of ‘Coming Soon’. However, it is already available in some countries; North America, Australia, UK. Let’s hope it arrives soon together with these other bulbs.