Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus Review

Today we have the review of the Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus.  You will see what it can do, how well it performs and whether this smart light is suitable for you. Let’s go!

[Disclosure: We reached out to Yeelight and they were kind enough to send us a Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus unit. This is not a paid review. All views expressed in this review are solely of the writer. We would like to thank Yeelight for sending us this unit. ]


What is it

The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is a lightstrip that can change colours. You control it via the Yeelight app (iOS & Android) on your mobile / tablet.


Unboxing and looks

The box comes with the Lightstrip, power adapter and a manual.

Lightstrip, power adapter and a manual.
Power adapter.

You can also extend the Lightstrip with a 1 meter extension.

The maximum extension length is 10 meters.



Head here for the setup.



Features – Set your preferred colour

You can set the lightstrip to whatever colour you want. You have 16 million colours to choose from. Pictured below is a purple hue.

Set it to any colour of your choice.
Features – Set your preferred white

You can also set it to different shades of white; from daylight to sunset. Pictured below is somewhere in between daylight and sunset.

Choose different shades of white.
Features – Music Mode

In Music mode, the lightstrip will sync to whatever audio that’s playing on your mobile device. For example, if you have a song playing on Spotify, the lightstrip will sync its colours according to the audio.

Features – Works with Smart Assistants

The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus works with Smart Assistants ( Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings). For example, with Alexa, you can say “Alexa, turn on the Yeelight Lightstrip” and it will turn on.


Usage and Performance

Usage and Performance – General

Using the lightstrip was simple and straightforward. If you want to select a colour, just pick one from the colour palette. How about selecting a shade of white? Just choose from the white palette.

Turning it on/off was also easy.  You have a choice of using the physical on/off button or using the app. In my case, since it was behind the tv, it was difficult to access the physical switch so I had to rely on the app.

Usage and Performance – Smart Assistants

With smart assistants like Alexa, you can give the command  ‘Alexa, turn off/on lightstrip’ . You could also say something like ‘Alexa, set lightstrip to blue’.

With Alexa, I did notice one difference compared to the Yeelight colour bulb; Alexa did not recognize the setting ‘daylight’ and ‘sunset’.  These two shades of white were my regular settings on the Yeelight colour bulb but it did not work with the lightstrip. Maybe this could be added in a future update. Other than that, being able to use voice commands proved very convenient especially if you’re multi-tasking.

Usage and Performance – Reduce eye strain 

One practical way of using the lightstrip is behind a tv. The main reason is to reduce eye strain. By illuminating the area behind the tv, the contrast of the screen is reduced and this results in a more comfortable viewing experience. This is also known as bias lighting.

Usage and Performance – Pair with the Yeelight color bulb

By itself, the Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is good; but it gets better with another colour bulb. In this case it was the Yeelight color led bulb. It just completes the whole ambiance.

Combination 1.
Combination 2.


Common Questions

Common Questions – Does it support smart assistants / smart home?

Yes, it supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.

Common Questions – Can I use the lightstrip together with the Yeelight bulb?

Yes. You are able to use the Yeelight Lightstrip together with the Yeelight bulb (Colour and Tunable White). You can control both using the Yeelight app.

Common Questions – Which server should I connect the lightstrip to?

The recommended server to connect your lightstrip is the Singapore server.
This is the server that Jumpadevice connects to for our daily usage and testing.
For the list of servers go here.

Common Questions – Is the lightstrip extendable?

Yes. The maximum length that can be extended to is 10 meters.
You can purchase the 1 meter extension here.


Where to buy

Tap on link twice if it doesn't bring you to the product page


Buy the Yeelight Lightstrip here.


Buy the Yeelight Lightstrip and the extension here.


Final Thoughts

The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is not an essential item, but more of a complimentary item. It works best with smart light bulbs and adds an extra touch to your space. In my case, I felt my living room became more posh – like it had an ‘upgrade’.

I also like that it is very well built. The cables especially felt sturdy and insulated. The physical on/off button could have more weight but that’s a minor gripe. Most of all, is how reliable and well integrated the Yeelight lightstrip is. It has never stopped working nor had any connection issues. Integration with smart assistants is also covered with support for Alexa, Google Assistant,  HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.

Final Thoughts – Should I buy it – No

If you are on a budget and are starting out on your smart lighting journey, it is better for you to get a smart bulb first (i.e. Yeelight Colour or Tunable White).

Final Thoughts – Should I buy it – Yes

If you have smart bulbs at home and want to add to the ambience, then the lightstrip is for you. It is suitable almost anywhere; in the kitchen, living room or bed room.