Mi Air Purifier app gets an update

Xiaomi has updated the UI (User Interface) of the Mi Air Purifier app. Is it worse to navigate or is it better? What has changed? Let’s take a look!


Air Quality Measurement

In the refreshed UI, the filter remaining (%) and the different modes are removed to give you a full focus on the air quality measurement.

















The different modes are now a swipe below. Also previously, to set how hard you want the air purifier to work, you had to choose the ‘Favorite’ mode. Now, it’s called ‘Manual’ mode.
















Here’s a video on the new user interface


More control, less information

I like the new user interface because it prioritizes what matters – the air quality.  Other information (filter remaining days, humidity, running time, etc) may be useful, but at the essence of it, what you really want to know is how good or bad is the air quality.

Next is control. I usually operate my air purifier (Mi Air Purifier 2) in manual mode. Previously, to access manual mode I had to tap and hold ‘Favorite’ then select the power level of the air purifier. Now with the new UI, the controls are right in front of me.

Kudos to the team behind the UI refresh!