Chipolo CARD Review: Perfect for your wallet.

Don’t lose your belongings again with the Chipolo Card. Is it good? How small is it? We find out in the review today.


[Disclosure: We reached out to Chipolo and they were kind enough to send us a Chipolo CARD. This is not a paid review. All views expressed in this review are solely of the writer. We would like to thank Chipolo for sending us this unit. ]


What it is. What does it do.

The Chipolo Card is a bluetooth tracker that can be attached to your belongings. You can track its movements via the Chipolo app. So for example, if you have inserted the Chipolo Card inside your wallet, and have misplaced your wallet, you can use the Chipolo app to find it.



The Chipolo Card’s size is about a quarter of an ATM/Credit card. At the front is a button which double pressing will ring your phone.

Front: A button is located at the front.
Back: The back does not contain anything.
Size comparison with an ATM/Credit card.



Head here for the setup.



Here are the two main things that the Chipolo Card can do: find your belongings and find your phone.

Features – Find your phone

On the Chipolo Card is a button. Press twice, and it will find your phone. You phone will start ringing even if it is on silent.

Features – Find your belongings

The Chipolo Card is small enough to be inserted anywhere; wallet, purse, backpack, luggage, etc. Once inserted, you can now find and track it via the Chipolo app. While in the process of finding the Chipolo Card, it will ring so that you can locate it faster.

Insert it into your wallet.
Don’t lose your lanyard.
Keep track of your bag/pouch.


Usage and Performance

Usage and Performance – Office, At Home, Car Park

The experience of using the Chipolo Card was a good one. It has been in my wallet the whole time and up until now, (God forbid) my wallet hasn’t been lost. So for testing, I had it misplaced in the office, at home and at the car park.

Usage and Performance – Office

At the office, I had a colleague hide it while I waited outside the premise. When ready, I entered, launched the Chipolo app and started searching for the card. While searching, you will hear the card ringing. However, it took a while as the office wasn’t the most quiet. Eventually I managed to find it after some extra focus on my hearing. Suffice to say, the ringing helped me to narrow down and locate the card.

Usage and Performance – At Home

Searching for the Chipolo card at home was simpler as the environment is more forgiving.
My ears picked up the ring within seconds and i managed to find it.

Usage and Performance – Car Park

For this test, I had it placed at a random spot at my office’s car park. Searching for the Chipolo Card was somewhat tolerable; I had to walk a bit before the Chipolo app detected the card. The hard part was narrowing down the card’s ring. This was due to the echoes in the car park (closed and not open aired).


Usage and Performance – Bluetooth range

When dealing with anything bluetooth, you have to remember that it will be susceptible to obstacles in your environment. Here’s how the Chipolo Card performed in three areas; office, at home and the car park.

Usage and Performance – Bluetooth Range  – Office

At the office, it managed to get 65 feet of range.

Usage and Performance – Bluetooth Range – At Home

At home (2-storey, 1800sqft) it had the maximum range covered.

Usage and Performance – Bluetooth Range – Car Park

At the car park, it got to 50 feet.


Usage and Performance – Ringing

You’re able to choose from seven different ring tones. The one you’re about to hear is the default which is ‘Chipolo’.


Usage and Performance – Battery

Battery is advertised to last for 1 year and it is not replaceable.

Once the battery runs out you have to purchase a new one. But don’t worry, Chipolo has a Renewal Program that offers you the Chipolo Card at half the price. All you have to do is send back your current one (at no extra charge).


Common Questions

Common Questions – Will Chipolo work with RFID blocking wallets?

You might face some issues with RFID blocking wallets.

The support page mentions: “RFID wallets are specially designed to block radio frequency signals. Therefore the Chipolo might not function properly or lose connection sometimes while used in RFID blocking wallets.”

Common Questions – How long can the battery last? Is the battery replaceable?

The battery is advertised to last for 1 year.

The battery is not replaceable. You can purchase a new Chipolo Card at half the price with the Renewal Program.

Common Questions – Is the Chipolo Card waterproof?

It is splash proof (IPX5 rating).


Where to buy


Go to the Chipolo website here.


Go to the Chipolo website here.


Final Thoughts

All in all, the Chipolo Card is a recommended product that reduces the risk of losing your belongings. The area that truly shines is that Chipolo managed to fit a tiny speaker into something that’s so thin. It is this speaker that will help you locate the card faster and more efficiently.

Another thing that I like is utilising the help of other Chipolo users. So let’s say you are out of bluetooth range from the Chipolo card. If another Chipolo user comes across your card, you will get an email and phone notification of  your card’s location. This is a fine example of harnessing the power of the community.

If I could nit-pick,  the card isn’t the most sturdy. With some applied pressure, you can break it. So some care has to be taken when handling the card. In spite of that, it will most likely be in your wallet or pouch so this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are looking for a basic bluetooth tracker and one that specifically fits your wallet, then the Chipolo card is a good choice.