Let Spotify decide your next meal

Today you can get an app to decide your meal based on your mood. This is made possible by the IPC Shopping Centre app (iOS and Android). Does the app think I’m happy or sad? Let’s find out.


What app is this

This main function of this app is to inform visitors on the activities, happenings, and mall directories of the IPC Shopping Centre in Malaysia. One feature of the app is called ‘Mood Menu’. It recommends places to eat in the shopping centre based on your Spotify playback history.

One of the recommendations: Ben’s Independent Grocer which has a cafe.


Mood Menu

After analyzing my Spotify history, the app thinks I’m feeling sad.

According to the app, I’m sad.

So what does the app recommend? Boost Juice, Famous Amos, I love You!, Cendul, and more.

List of suggestions for your meal.


Trying the app’s recommendations

I headed to IPC Shopping Centre during lunch eager to try out the app’s recommendations. Unfortunately, I did not fancy any of them for my main meal so I ended up having rojak and a cup of teh tarik at de irrfan’s cafe.

Not too bad for MYR7.60.

Only after that, did I settle for some Famous Amos cookies.

Complete the meal with some cookies.


Who can download and use this app

This app should be able to be downloaded and used worldwide. The caveat here is that since the app only recommends eateries in IPC Shopping Centre, it is most useful to Malaysians in Selangor.


Happy Eating

I wonder what other moods are there; happy, angry, sleepy? Either ways, it is certainly refreshing to see an innovative way to determine your next meal.


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