Chipolo CARD Setup

Welcome to the setup guide for the Chipolo CARD. By the end of this guide, you will be able to start tracking the Chipolo CARD using the app. It’s a quick and easy few steps so let’s start!



Step 1
i. Download the Chipolo app (iOS or Android).

Download the Chipolo app.


Step 2
i. Launch the app and tap on ‘Sign Up’.
ii. You can choose to sign up via Google, Facebook or email.

Tap on ‘Sign Up’
Sign up via Google, Facebook or email.
















Step 3
i. Next you will be prompted on Privacy Settings, Promotion and Special Offers and Location History. For now, choose ‘I Agree’ and ‘Continue’ for all of them.


Step 4
i. It’s now time to add the Chipolo card. Tap on ‘Yes’.
ii. For the Chipolo products, choose ‘Card’.

Tap on ‘Yes’ to add your Chipolo.
Choose ‘Card’.
















Step 5
i. Go ahead and enable all permissions and services.
ii. Next, tap on ‘Continue’.

Enable all permissions and services.
Tap on ‘Continue’.
















Step 6
i. Press the button on your Chipolo card until you hear a sound.
ii. Once detected, the card will start pairing with your mobile device.

Press the button on your Chipolo card.
Pairing in progress.
















Step 7
i. You can select which category to associate your Chipolo card with.
ii. For this example, I have selected Wallet and named it ‘Wallet-1’.

Choose which item to associate the Cipolo card with.
Example: I chose wallet and named it ‘Wallet-1’.
















Step 8
i. The Chipolo CARD setup is complete.

Try tapping ‘Ring to Find’.


Setup Successful

Congratulations on setting up the Chipolo card. Now go tag it or attach it to your belongings and start tracking it!

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