Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Color (YLDP06YL) Review

Today we have the review of the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Color. By the end of this review, you get to find out what can it do, how it performs and whether this bulb is suitable for you.


[Disclosure: We reached out to Yeelight and they were kind enough to send us a Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Color unit. This is not a paid review. All views expressed in this review are solely of the writer. We would like to thank Yeelight for sending us this unit. ]


What is it. How does it work.

The Yeelight Colour bulb is a smart bulb from Yeelight that allows you to set the bulb to different colours. The bulb is controlled by using the Yeelight app (Android & iOS) on your mobile device.



The Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Color is just slightly taller than your regular bulb. If you’re wondering why is the body so ‘meaty’, it’s because it contains the WiFi electronics that allow it to connect to the Internet. The Yeelight Colour bulb has a brightness of 800 lumens and this model has a socket size of E27.

Size comparison with an Ikea bulb.
Front view.
Side view.
Top view.

It is also worth noting that the the Yeelight Colour bulb is a standalone smart bulb. This means it does not require a hub to work. All you have to do is replace your old bulb with the Yeelight Colour bulb and go through the setup process.



For the setup, go here.



Features – Choose your colour

The Yeelight Colour bulb’s main feature is the ability to set it to different colours.

Features – Set shades of white

You can also set the bulb to different shades of white; from cool white to warm white.

Cool White.
Warm White.
Features – Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit

You will be pleased to know that the Yeelight Colour bulb works with the three main smart assistants today. So for example, with Alexa, you could say “Alexa, turn on the Yeelight colour bulb” and your bulb will turn on. Also recently, HomeKit support has been added. With HomeKit support, you are now able to control the Yeelight Colour bulb and other smart devices all from a central place.


Usage and Performance

Usage and Performance – Out of home control

One thing useful is that you are able to control the bulb even when you’re out of the house. Which means, no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection on your mobile device, you can turn on/off your bulb. In what scenario is this useful? Just imagine, you’re on the way back from work, and you would like your lights turned on before you reach home. All you have to do is launch the Yeelight app, and tap ‘On’.

Usage and Performance – Responsive

Using the Yeelight Colour bulb was a pleasant experience. The bulb was responsive in changing to whatever colour I chose via the app. If I selected white, it would turn white. And if i selected a colour – blue, it would turn blue. There was no lag nor did I experience any broken connection between the Yeelight app and the bulb.

Usage and Performance – Smart assistants

If you have a smart assistant (i.e. Amazon Echo, Google Home), accessing the Yeelight colour bulb is even more convenient. There were countless times where I wanted to adjust the
brightness of the bulb and all I had to say was “Alexa, set living rooms lights to 50%”.

One thing that surprised me is that you could also choose ‘non-regular’ colours like Turquoise, Maroon and Magenta. The caveat here is that to select these colours by name, you have to use a smart assistant like Alexa. For example, all you have to say is “Alexa, set Yeelight colour bulb to Maroon”. Pretty impressive.


Common Questions

Common Questions – Which server should I connect my Yeelight Colour bulb to?

The recommended server to connect to is Singapore. The Singapore server has support for Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. It is also the server that Jumpadevice connects to for the usage of the Yeelight bulb. If you are particular about latency, feel free to connect to other servers which are nearer to your location. Note that these servers differ slightly in terms of support for Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. For more details on which servers to connect, go to jumpadevice’s article here.

Common Questions – How does the Yeelight Colour bulb compare to Philips Hue?

This question deserves a separate post by itself but here’s the gist: In terms of price, Philips Hue is on the premium-end while the Yeelight Colour bulb is more budget friendly. With the more expensive price of the Philips Hue comes a more polished experience. Other than that, the Yeelight Colour bulb and Philips Hue bulb function the same; being able to change colours.

Common Questions – Can the Yeelight Colour work without Internet connection?

Technically yes, but there’s a catch; you only can turn on/off your lights manually. Because there’s no internet connection, you won’t be able to set the colour, brightness, etc.


Yeelight Colour bulb – To buy or not.

You have to understand the reason of buying a light bulb that can change colours. For example, you may run a cafe/restaurant and want some ambient lighting. You may host lots of dinners/gatherings at your place and want something to jazz up the environment. Or it may be that you just want some ambient lighting at home for your own relaxation. If this is you, then the Yeelight Colour bulb is the way go to.

Listening to music in Magenta? Why not.

For me personally, I had the Yeelight Color bulb in my living room and only enjoyed lighter colours like cyan and magenta. For the most part I had it at either cool white or warm white for practical reasons; reading, doing work. Other colours like red, blue or green looked alien and off-putting.

Set it to warm white. Perfect for reading.

So don’t get a colour lightbulb just for the sake of getting it. If you see yourself not using the colour feature, you are better off with a regular bulb like the Yeelight Tunable White bulb (review). If you like some ambient colours in your space, then the Yeelight Colour bulb is a good choice.


Where to buy

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Buy from Lazada here.


Buy the Yeelight Colour bulb here:

AliExpress - Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Color


Final Thoughts

If you have been thinking of getting your first smart bulb and want some colours in your home, then the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Color is a recommended choice by Jumpadevice. It is straightforward to use, it integrates with all major smart assistants and it is reliable. Although the software can use a bit of polish, everything else has been impressive.

For the latest  updates on everything Yeelight, do check out their facebook page here.
And for more information, do check out the Yeelight website here.