Of course you need an Apple card case made of walnut.

As reported by various news blogs and also jumpadevice, the Apple card can get dirty when handled or kept in a certain way. Now how do we deal with that? By carrying around a KERF card case.


Apple card case

The Apple card case comes in four finishes – Maple, Walnut, Spalted Maple and Figured Walnut with Figured Walnut being the most expensive (USD$119). It’s a single block of wood that’s ‘designed exclusively for a single titanium card’ according to company Kerf.

Slide open.

What if you’re no longer using an Apple card? Is the card case compatible with other credit cards? Yes, in the product page, KERF mentions it ‘will also work with other credit cards.’ Phew! I got worried for a moment there.

Comes in Maple, Walnut, Spalted Maple and Figured Walnut.

In terms of materials, the card case does not contain any metal, magnets, leather, denim or other card-scratching elements. It is instead ‘lined with premium, engineered Alcantara (ultra suede)’.



You can customise your order here. International shipping is available and shipping within the U.S is free.