COTODAMA – A speaker that displays song lyrics

It’s hard to impress your friends these days. What else could you put in your living room that will make them go “Ohhh, Ahh”. That problem can be solved with the COTODAMA lyric speaker canvas.



Think of it like a canvas painting but instead, it’s fully black, animates your song’s lyrics and at the same time is a speaker. Not much specifications are known but the whole effect does give an e-ink vibe to it.

According to TheVerge, when a song plays, the speaker will search the databases (i.e. PetitLyrics) and display the lyrics. The type of visuals also depend on the ‘mood’ of the song.

Definitely a conversation starter.

Where to buy

It’s only available for purchase at the Saint Laurent Rive Droite store and is priced at 1995 Euros. For more information and a demo check out the COTODAMA website here.


Source: TheVerge