Tile and Trackr spotted at All IT Hypermarket

Not known to many are bluetooth tracking devices. How they work is by attaching it to everyday things like your keys, or sliding them into your wallet. And with the app on your phone, you are able to track it – useful if you misplaced your belongings.

On the market are 2 brands that popular with consumers; Tile and Trackr (now known as Adero). You won’t find it easily in stores so it was a surprise then to see it available at All IT Hypermarket. Let’s take a look!



There are three Tile models to choose from; tileSlim, tileStyle and tileSport.

The tileSlim.
The tileStyle.
Also available is the tileSport.


Trackr (now known as Adero)

As for Trackr, All IT Hypermarket carries two models; TrackR bravo and TrackR pixel.

Trackr bravo.
Trackr pixel.


Rare find

Indeed you won’t find this being sold in any specialty / gadget shops locally so kudos to All IT Hypermarket for even considering to sell it.

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