now ships to Malaysia!

Have you heard? now ships directly to Malaysia. We check out what it’s all about and what you can expect in terms of pricing.



Online electronics retailer, Newegg which is based in North America, has recently added  Malaysia in the list of countries that it ships to. Newegg carries a variety of products ranging from computer parts, networking devices and home tools to toys and hobbies.

Newegg website.
Prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia.



Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Of all the products that are of interest, the one that stands out is Amazon Echo. Yes – you can now buy an Amazon Echo directly from the U.S via Newegg. Up until now, Amazon doesn’t sell the Echo in countries where the Echo isn’t officially supported. And the only way to get your hands on one is via 3rd party sellers (i.e. Lazada, ezbuy, etc).

Newegg price – Echo Dot 3rd Gen
Total price including shipping is MYR328.55
Lazada price – Echo Dot 3rd Gen
Total price including shipping is MYR174.00.


TP-Link KL110

Next, we look at the smart bulb KL-110 by TP-Link. Currently not yet available in Malaysia but able to be ordered and shipped via Amazon, we compare it with Newegg’s offering.

Newegg price – TP-Link KL110
Total price including shipping is MYR162.14.
Amazon price – TP-Link KL110
Total price including shipping is MYR133.31.


As you can see, the prices listed on Newegg for both products are higher compared to other online retailers. This isn’t an exhaustive list but it does give a general picture of what to expect.


More choices

So what does this mean for consumers in Malaysia? It only means that they have another option to choose from when making  their purchase. But looking at the price, I think that most Malaysians will refrain from Newegg unless it is a U.S specific product that you can’t find anywhere else. Nonetheless, it is certainly encouraging to see another U.S based retailer adding Malaysia as one of it’s supported countries.


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