Simplify Alexa commands with Alexa Routines.

Using Alexa is a joy. But sometimes, giving voice commands can be tiring (more so breathless) especially after a long day. With Alexa routines, you can skip the long Alexa commands with shorter ones.


Alexa routines

For today’s example, we look at creating basic smart light routines to save your breath!

1. If you want to turn on your lights.

2. If you want to turn off your lights.

3. If you want to dim your lights.


Alexa routines – How to create

Let’s create the goodnight command above.

Step 1
i. Launch the Alexa app and select the main menu.
ii. Tap on ‘Routines’.

Tap on ‘Routines’.


Step 2
i. Tap on the ‘+’ icon.

Tap on ‘Create Routine.

Step 3
i. Next, tap on ‘When this happens’ and select ‘Voice’.

Tap on ‘When this happens’.
Select ‘Voice’.















Step 4
i. Enter a phrase that you would like to use.
ii. For this example, we will say “Alexa, goodnight”.
iii. Tap on ‘Save’.

Enter in your custom phrase.


Step 4
i. Next, tap on ‘Add action’ and choose ‘Smart Home’

Tap on ‘Add action’.
Select ‘Smart Home’.














Step 5
i.  Tap on ‘Control device’. Choose the lights you would like to control.
ii. For this example, I will select ‘Hue color lamp 1’.

Tap on ‘Control device’.
Choose the smart device you want to control.














Step 5
i. The purpose of the goodnight command is to turn off the lights, so I have selected ‘Power’.
ii. You have the choice to power ‘On’ or Off’. Choose ‘Off’.
iii. Tap on ‘Next and ‘Save’.

Select ‘Power’.
Tap on ‘Save’.














Give it a try

Now try it! Say the command ‘Alexa, goodnight’. If your lights are currently on, it will turn off.


More complex

What we did today is just creating basic routines. There are more complex routines you can create. For more info check out the Alexa Routines page on Amazon here.


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