JBL Live 650BTNC Wireless Over-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphones Unboxing and Hands On

The JBL 650BTNC is a bluetooth headphone that sits around the upper middle tier of the JBL bluetooth headphones lineup. Let’s unbox one today and have a quick hands on!



The headphone, audio cable, micro usb charging cable and user manual.
This model’s colour is black.
JBL logo at the top.
Side view.
Front view.
Micro USB charging port.
Power button.
Bluetooth and Active Noise Canceling button.
Audio cable input.
Top: Volume up. Bottom: Volume down. Middle: Play/Pause and Answer/Hang Up toggle.
Audio cable.
Do note the male connector (bottom) to the headphone audio port is slightly smaller than the usual 3.5mm.
Micro USB charging cable.
Carrying pouch.


Hands On

The first and weird thing I noticed is that after turning on my device’s (mobile, tablet, etc) bluetooth, the 650BTNC didn’t automatically connect to it. This is even after a successful prior pairing. I had to launch the JBL app and wait for the icon to be ‘active’. Only then the the bluetooth connection was successful.

In terms of fitting, the 650BTNC was decent. The ear cups barely covered my ears – but that’s because I have large ears. Covering the frame is fabric material and it felt nice to the touch. I doubt though, how durable it will be under heavy usage. I predict some fraying and colour fading in a couple of months.

Apart from bluetooth, the 650BTNC also allows you to connect via an audio cable. This is where I noticed another peculiar behaviour. When connected with the audio cable, the buttons on the 650BTNC do not function except for the power button. This means no toggle play/pause, no volume up/down and no smart assistant activation. I feel that this is a trivial matter that shouldn’t even be an issue.

Overall the sound quality was good when the EQ was activated. There are several presets to choose from and you can even adjust the particular levels accordingly. Without the EQ, it sounded normal. Noise canceling also was also considered okay. You definitely won’t get silent levels like the Sony WH-1000XM3 or the Nuraphone but I felt the 650BTNC could have done better.

The JBL 650BTNC and its accessories.


Where to buy

Check your region’s JBL website for availability.

In Malaysia, the retail price is at MYR919 but you are sure to find better deals. The 650BTNC can be purchased on JBL’s Official Lazada store here.

International readers can also check Amazon.