Logitech M331 Silent Wireless Mouse Unboxing and Hands On

There are tonnes of wireless mice to choose from – but which is cheap and cheerful? The Logitech M331 Silent might be the answer. Today we unbox the Logitech M331 Silent mouse and have a quick hands on.


Logitech M331 Silent – Unboxing

Simple packaging.
Comes with the mouse and wireless usb connector.
In the hands.
Side view.
The wireless usb connector is stored snugly.


Logitech M331 Silent – Hands On

With any new device/preriphral, you’re gonna need some time to get used to it. And with a mouse, it’s gotta do with muscle memory. First impressions with the M331 is that the travel time of the clicks are shorter and the click sound is almost inaudible. Where I had to consciously exert regular force to click the standard wired mouse, it was almost an effortless task clicking in the M331. The next area is the sound. Where previously there was the unmistakable ‘click’, now it’s almost silent. If you were sitting next to me, you wouldn’t have guessed that I was using a mouse.

M331 Silent next to a generic Dell mouse.
Notice the contours on the M331.

Gripping the M331 also needs some getting used to and it’s only a matter of time. This is because the sides are contoured and indented with the aim of a firmer hold. It’s also worth noting that the M331 is meant for right handers. In terms of gaming, the M331 performed just like any other mouse.


Where to buy

The M331 Silent can be purchased here.

Do also check out Amazon or your local computer retailers.