Urbanears releases Rålis – Portable bluetooth speakers.

Urbanears has just released their new portable bluetooth speakers – Rålis. One thing cool about these speakers is that it can connect two devices for music playback. What do I mean by that? Let’s take a further look!


Urbanears Rålis

The Rålis speakers are the newest speakers from Urbanears and join the family of existing speakers (Urbanears Losten).

Clean design.

What makes the Rålis unique is that it supports Bluetooth 5.0. With Bluetooth 5.0, you’re able to have two devices (i.e. tablet, mobile) pairing the Rålis speakers simultaneously. Which means you and a friend could interchange controls at anytime. For the traditional input, the Rålis also has the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Front view.

The amplifiers consist of 2 tweeters (5w each) and 1 woofer (10w). For the sound tech, Urbanears has touted a multi directional sound with Blumein technique which ‘recreates a rich and spatial sound experience’.  Playback controls are at the top while the power button is by the side.

Back view.

Charging time is 2 hours while battery is advertised to last 20+ hours. The Rålis speakers also acts as a powerbank to charge your devices so that should come in handy.


Where to buy

Misty Grey, Haunte Red and Slate Blue.

You can purchase the Rålis speakers now.

Do check your region in the Urbanears website for availability. For Malaysia, it is priced at USD$199.99 with FREE shipping! It comes in Haunte Red, Misty Grey, Slate Blue.