Nuraphone unboxing

Here today we have the Nuraphone unboxing. This pair of headphones are not your usual headphones.  Read further and you’ll see why. Let’s go!



This is the front and back of the box.


Remove the layer and you get the actual box.


What you’ll see next is the casing of the Nuraphone.

Nuraphone carrying case.

In the case you get the Nuraphone headphone and accessories (multi-sized ear tips and USB A charging cable).

Left: Accessory pack. Right: Nuraphone.

First impression – “Are those earbuds?”

Front view of the Nuraphone.

A closer look at the ear cup and earbuds.

The ear cups act as the bass driver.

Side view of the Nuraphone.

Adjust the fit by moving the ear cups along the groove.
The headband frame is made of steel.

USB charging port.

USB Charging port located on  the right ear cup.

A top view of the headband.

Nice and clean.

The accessory pouch magnetically sticks to its place. Pretty neat.

Accessory pack magnetically snaps into place.


Nuraphone Review

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