Nuraphone Setup

Welcome to the Nuraphone setup guide. By the end of the steps below, you will be able to configure the Nuraphone to the most optimal setting. Let’s go!



Feel free to go through the guide via the Nuraphone app. The Nuraphone setup can be accessed when you first download and launch the app. The steps below are a slightly condensed version.


Step 1
i. Download the Nuraphone app (iOS and Android) and launch it.

Download and launch the Nuraphone app.

Step 2
i. Tap on ‘Create an account’.
ii. Enter in your email address or sign in via Facebook or Google.

Tap on ‘Create an Account’.
Enter an email address or login via Facebook or Google.















Step 3
i. Next put on the Nuraphone. To know which side is which, check the USB port. The earcup with the USB port is your right earcup.

The right earcup is the one with the usb port.

Step 4
i. After putting on the Nuraphone, it will automatically turn on. You will know when it is turned on when you hear a ‘welcome’ message.

It automatically turns on when put on.

Step 5
i. Now we need to connect the Nuraphone to your device.  Tap on ‘Open Bluetooth Settings’ and turn on your bluetooth.
ii. You should see ‘nuraphone 601’ on the list of detected devices.  Tap on it to connect.

Open Bluetooth Settings.
Nuraphone is detected.















Step 6
i. Once connected, you should now see the home screen. For my case, the Nuraphone already had an existing profile associated with it.

Nuraphone home screen.

Step 7
i. The next thing you must do is to create your own hearing profile. This is the essence of the Nuraphone. Tap on the dropdown icon of the user profile. At the bottom tap on ‘Create new hearing profile’.

Tap on the dropdown icon.
Tap ‘Create new hearing profile’.















Step 8
i. At the start of the hearing profile setup, you will be asked who is creating the new profile.
Select ‘Owner’.

Select ‘Owner’.

Step 9
i. For this example, I have named my profile ‘Guest1’.

Name your hearing profile.

Step 10
i. For this step, go to a quite space for a few minutes. This is important as the Nuraphone will detect the make-up of your ear.  Once you’re there, tap on ‘I’m ready’.  You should hear some sounds being played. This is normal.

For this step go to a quite space.

Step 11
i. Once your hearing profile is complete, you will be greeted with a visualization of it. An audio track will be played for you to test the difference between ‘Neutral’ and ‘Personalised’.

Test the difference between ‘Neutral’ and ‘Personalised’.

Step 12
i. Next is adjusting the immersion. It simulates how close you are to the music performance.

‘Front row’ means more immersion.

Step 13
i. Social Mode enables you to listen to your surroundings. This can be toggled on/off.

Social Mode allows you to listen to your surroundings.

Step 14
i. Next we look at assigning your buttons. These buttons are located at the side of each earcup.
For example, you can assign your left earcup to Play/Pause music with a single tap.

Touch buttons are located on each earcup.
Assign various actions.















Step 15
i. You’re now done! The Nuraphone setup is complete.

Setup is complete!

Do note that everything mentioned here from creating the hearing profile to the assigning of buttons can be adjusted again at anytime that you wish from the app.


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