Ikea Singapore lists Trådfri smart bulb range

Ikea Singapore is now carrying the Trådfri smart bulb range. As reported 2 years ago, the Trådfri smart bulbs were Ikea’s attempts in getting into the smart home scene. Today we take a quick look on what’s exactly being offered from Ikea Singapore and compare it to Malaysia’s offering.


Ikea Trådfri Singapore

The Trådfri range comes with 2 essential items: the gateway and the dimmer kit.


The gateway acts as the control hub of the Trådfri lighting system. And has to be purchased in order for the bulbs to work.

The Trådfri gateway.
Dimming kit

You get a choice of three dimming kits. All bulbs in the dimming kits are dimmable  and have a brightness of 1000 lumens.  The type of white is warm white (2700k)  and the thread size is E27. The only thing that differs between these dimming kits are the colours of the dimmer; coming in yellow, black and white.

Three variations of Trådfri dimming kits.


What about Ikea Trådfri Malaysia

Well, Ikea Malaysia is a strange one when it comes to this product range. You see, you can buy a wireless dimmer but not the bulbs. That’s because the bulbs are not listed but the wireless dimmer is. What is one to do with a wireless dimmer which can’t control any bulbs? Your guess is as good as mine.

Where are the Trådfri bulbs?

And the kicker? The the product description mentions:

The wireless dimmer works with TRÅDFRI bulbs, SURTE and JORMLIEN light doors and FLOALT light panels.

That’s fine, but SURTE , JORMLIEN and FLOALT  products are  also no where to be found on the Ikea Malaysia website.


Lucky Neighbours

Time and time again, without fail, our neighbours gets to have all the goodies. So if you want to get your hands on one, the best option is to head down south. In the mean time, we do hope that those bulbs come soon.