Logitech bakes Alexa into the new Harmony Express remote.

Logitech has just announced their latest Harmony remote – the Harmony Express. Judging by the promo material and button layout, the remote is geared towards controlling your media devices.


Harmony Express

The Harmony Express measures 5.18 inches (131.5 mm) x 1.8 inches (45.5 mm) x 0.52 inches (13.2 mm) and weighs 2.0 oz (57.0 g). At the top is the Alexa button which glows in blue whenever activated.

Harmony Express with the IR blaster.

Beneath it are the standard media buttons – Play/Pause, Next and Previous track, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Home, Options and Back. And it wouldn’t be a Harmony device if it didn’t include an IR blaster.

Press the dedicated button to activate Alexa.

The IR blaster is used in conjunction with the Harmony Express to control devices like your DVR, game console, TV and speakers. Expect the Harmony Express to have 1 month battery life between charges.

Place the IR blaster near your media devices.

Coming back to the design of the remote, it is interesting to note that the Harmony Express does look like a more streamlined version of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick remote.

Not to be confused with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick remote.

Where to buy

The Harmony Express is priced at $249.99 (MYR1033) and is available in the Logitech US website and on Amazon. There’s no shipping to Malaysia but that can be overcome with services like EziPoz from Pos Malaysia.


Source: TheVerge, Logitech
Image credit: Logitech