How to link Cololight to Alexa

Welcome to the guide to link the Cololight to Alexa. By the end of this guide you will be able to control your Cololights with the Alexa voice command. Enough talking, let’s go!



This setup is divided into two parts: Cololight preparation and Alexa.

Setup – Cololight preparation

Before we start, you will need your Cololight user id.
Follow the steps below to get your user id.

Step 1
i. Launch the Cololight app.
ii. Tap on the main menu (top left) and select ‘Setting’.

Select ‘Setting’.

Step 2
i. Select ‘Account management’.

Select ‘Account management’.

Step 3
i. Take note of the User ID. Copy and paste it somewhere.
ii. Now we move on to the Alexa part below.

Copy down your User ID.
Setup – Alexa

Step 1
i. Launch the Alexa app.
ii. Tap on the main menu (top left) and select ‘Skills & Games’.

Select ‘Skills & Games’.

Step 2
i. Search for ‘lifesmart’.
ii. You should be able to see ‘LifeSmart SmartHome’ in the results.

Select ‘LifeSmart SmartHome’.

Step 3
i. Select it and tap ‘Enable to Use’.

Tap ‘Enable to Use’.

Step 4
i. Enter in your user id (which you copied earlier) and password.
ii. Tap on ‘Login’.

Key in the User ID and Password.

Step 5
i. There will be a prompt to authorize usage by Alexa. Tap on ‘Authorize’.
ii. Alexa and LifeSmart is now linked!

Tap on ‘Authorize’.

Step 6
i. Back in the Alexa app, you will see 1 new light discovered – ‘My light’.
It appears as ‘My light’ because I have named it so in the Cololight app.

1 new light discovered.
I’ve named it ‘My light’ in the Cololight app.















Step 7
i. Let’s try an Alexa command. For this example, I have named my Cololight as ‘My light’.
So I will say “Alexa, turn on My light”. Or “Alexa, set My light to red”.
ii. There you have it, now go and have fun!


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