All IT Hypermarket has a pricey Google Home Mini

It’s always nice to see physical stores carrying smart speakers. Jumpadevice wrote about Gamer’s Hideout carrying the Google Home Mini and today it’s All IT Hypermarket’s turn.


Google Home, Mini and Chromecast

A recent trip to i-City Central at Shah Alam, revealed two Google Home models at All IT Hypermarket – the Google Home and Google Home Mini. Coming in at MYR659 and MYR299 respectively, it’s kinda pricey.

Google Home
Google Home Mini

If you do a search around Lazada, you’re able to find the Google Home Mini going as cheap as MYR169. Even Gamer’s Hideout is selling it for MYR209 so why such a premium price? It’s anybody’s guess. If you’re starting out in your smart home journey, we suggest to go for the more budget friendly Google Home Mini. For the price of the Google Home, you could get two Home Minis instead and place it at two locations at your home.

Also right beside it is a Chromecast 3rd gen which is going for MYR299. Again, this seems overpriced considering that Lazada is selling it for around MYR190.

Google Chromecast 3rd Gen (1080p)


Where to buy

Do carry out your own research on the best values for Google smart home products. At the moment you can check out retailers like Gamer’s Hideout and Lazada. Or maybe you have friends/relatives in Singapore? Then you can checkout Google Store Singapore.