WiFi Porter Setup

Hello and welcome to the setup of the WiFi Porter. By the end of this guide you will get the correct settings for the WiFi Porter. If you would like, there’s also a video (for Android and iOS) on the official steps here.



Step 1
i. Download the app  (iOS and Android)

Download the WiFi Porter app.

Step 2
i. Launch the app and tap your your phone on the WiFi Porter.

Tap the WiFi Porter.

Step 3
i. Choose your network and enter the WiFi password.

Choose your WiFi network.

Step 4
i. There will be a prompt to enable security to prevent other phones from configuring the WiFi Porter. For this example, I have selected ‘Yes’.  A security code will be generated.

A code will be generated for security.

Step 5
i. Next there will be a prompt to enable the latest iPhones (from 2018 onwards) to utilize the one-tap feature. For this example, I have selected ‘Yes’.

Select ‘Yes’ to enable the one-tap feature for the latest iPhones.

Step 6
i. Name your location. Next, take your mobile device and tap the WiFi Porter. This is to ‘record’ the settings into the WiFi Porter.

Name your location.

Step 7
i. Print the QR code and network details (network name and password).

Cut the diagram and place it at the insert behind the WiFi Porter.

And you’re done!


WiFi Porter

Now head over to the WiFi Porter review to read how it performs and where it could be put to good use!

Do also check out the WiFi Porter review.