Base Kindle model gets an illuminated display

Amazon has just announced an update for the base Kindle model. You’re now able to read under low lighting with the four front led lights.


Night reading

Where previously, the base Kindle had no front lighting, the latest iteration from Amazon has it in the form of four LEDs. For comparison, the Kindle Paperwhite has 5 LEDs while the Oasis has 12 LEDs. The front lighting for the base model should come as a major plus point for users who are on a budget.

Hurray for front lighting.

Resolution still remains the same however at 167 ppi which is almost half of the Paperwhite and Oasis at 300 ppi respectively. Another change is that the display is now a capacitive touchscreen.


Where to buy

The new base Kindle model will be on sale on April 10 on Amazon. It is priced at USD$109.99 (Without ads) and USD$89.99 (With ads). For local readers, you can check out the availability at Kindle Malaysia.


Source: GSMArena
Image credit: Amazon