Stadia controller pays tribute to Contra cheat code

So Google has announced a new gaming platform called Stadia. It’s not a console, but a game  service that aims to eventually have 4K resolution streaming. It is to launch sometime in 2019 and no pricing nor subscription plans have been mentioned.


Stadia Controller

One of the interesting aspects of Stadia is that you can use your existing controller to play games. This means if you already have an existing usb controller (i.e Xbox, PS4) you’re good to go. However, Google is also providing their own controller which has buttons for Google Assistant and a Capture button to save and share your gaming experience on Youtube.

Google Assistant and Share button.

Eagle eyed viewers who watched the announcement may have caught something printed at the back of the Stadia Controller – the ever popular Contra cheat code. It is sure to bring some smiles to all gamers who stumble upon it.

Yay for 100 lives!


Stadia Highlights

For more info check out Engadget’s highlights below: