FitBit Versa Lite

FitBit has just announced the Versa Lite, a slightly stripped down version of the Versa. What remains and what was removed? Let’s find out.


Versa Lite

The Versa family.

The Versa Lite still keeps many of the features that made the Versa so popular. Some of it include steps & calories, 24/7 hear rate, sleep tracking and female health tracking. And at USD$40 less than the Versa, Fitbit had to shave other features to meet the price point. Some of those features include floors climbed, ability to store and play music, on-screen workout and contactless payments.

All coming with the Versa Lite.

It’s a welcomed move especially for those who want the core features of the Versa but not the extra icing. This trend of a ‘lighter’ variant has been alive in the mobile phone space and seems to be catching up with other devices. Maybe in the future we’ll see an Ionic Lite? How about a Charge 3 Lite?


Where to buy

The Versa Lite is currently available for pre-order. Do check your region’s FitBit website for more information.

The official FitBit store in Lazada Malaysia has it listed for MYR768.00.
A check in the  FitBit U.S site has it priced at USD$159.95 and ships within a week.


Source: Engadet, FitBit